Create a 3-5 minute video to document your project. What's cool about how it works? How would people use it? Represent the interactivity that cannot be understood from a text description. Make it snappy. Be to the point, and clear. As William Carlos Williams said, "Show me, don't tell me."
Think about framing. Develop a story. Draw our interest. Include a narration, the screen captures you see as appropriate, and whatever other contextualizing shots are appropriate.
To get footage of the program, you can perform screen capture with quick screen recorder. For physical life shots, of people and the world, you can check out a camcorder from the help desk, or use the one in the lab, hooked up directly by firewire to one of the Macintoshes.
If you include live shots, how will the camera angle move? What perspectives are you showing? Why? Develop a mise-en-scene.
Think carefully about edit points. Create match cuts where appropriate. Be abrupt sometimes, too. Develop a montage, based on juxtaposition, and the flow of time.
Record audio with one or both of the microphones we have in class. As we discussed in class, you must choose the microphone, and position your subjects in the room to optimize audio acquisition. You want a clean signal, with a minimum of relfections, as well as a minimum of noise.
Given the equipment we have, to minimize noise, and mazimize signal quality, you can use QuickTime Pro to record straight into the Pro-Tools interface in the studio. This will ensure that you maintain synch between audio and video.

due 4/10
designed for mozilla 1+ and ie 6+
an interface ecology lab production