bill hamilton
PhD Student, computer science
@bilhamil bilhamil

I am currently a PhD candidate at Texas A&M, and I work as a graduate research assistant at the Interface Ecology Lab. I am interested in digital communties, live video streaming, and designing/evaluating natural user interfaces (NUIs) in the context games. I am also interested in eSports, mixed-reality games, and multi-surface applications.

In my current work, I am investigating the use of live video game streaming in online communities found on Twitch. I am interested specifically on how people communicate, share playful experiences, and build community around and through live video. I am specifically investigating the experiences of streamers, amateur/professional players, spectators, casters, and other less visible members of stream communities.

I am currently working on applications to support stream production and communication within streams. I am involved in the open source project Open Broadcaster Project (OBS) as well as my own extension: OBS Remote.

In previous work, I investigated the use of NUIs in real-time strategy (RTS) eSports. Specifically, I designed interactions with pen + touch interactions for the Spring RTS engine. In this project, I investigated the composition a number of interaction approaches including direct-manipulation, in-context menus, and bi-manual interaction. The following video highlights some of these interactions:

Some of my other prior work has invovled the design of cross-surface interaction and games for teach team coordination .

Outside of the office, and sometimes in, I enjoy playing games. I also enjoy auto-restoration, backpacking/hiking, fishing, audio-books, and racquetball.


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