Dynamic Metadata Interface

Click a plus sign to expand metadata. If the initial document lacks data for the nested field, MICE will make an AJAX call to the BigSemantics service. It will present this data amidst the enclosing object, expanding information without losing context as a typical web page would. Click hyperlinks within the metadata to open connected web pages.

In BigSemantics, curators and developers author wrappers in the Meta-Metadata language to specify data structure, extraction rules, and presentation guidelines for metadata. Wrappers can be reused and extended as types, in a polymorphic metadata type system, such as the scholarly_article, which is extended by acm_portal and science_direct.

BigSemantics includes a growing wrapper repository of supported websites, including ACM Digital Library, Amazon Product, IMDb, TripAdvisor, and Wikipedia. Try your own web pages in the top bar!

If you have a favorite website that is not currently wrapped, consider forking us on github, writing your own wrappers, and making a pull request.

Behind-the-Scenes Data

The Metadata tab shows metadata extracted via the BigSemantics Service in JSON, using a wrapper from the repository, for the given URL. The wrapper, authored in the Meta-Metadata language, defines the data structure, extraction rules, and presentation guidelines for corresponding metadata. The wrapper shown here contains nested structures inherited from its base types; see the wrapper repository for their original forms, and the BigSemantics wiki for how to author them.