ajit jain
Ph.D., Computer Science, 2021
ajitjain aggienetwork.com
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My goal is to make people's engagement with information more interactive, efficient, and personally meaningful. My research interests include human-centered AI, information-based ideation, interaction design, and visual design. In my Ph.D. research—co-advised by Dr. Andruid Kerne and Dr. Ruihong Huang—I investigated AI-based analytics for assessing multiscale creative design and supporting design educators in situated course contexts. My paper on recognizing multiscale design characteristics received Best Paper Nomination at ACM DocEng 2021.

For my Masters thesis, I developed TweetBubble, a free and open source Chrome extension that enables Twitter users to expand @usernames, #hashtags without tabs or windows. My paper on evaluating how TweetBubble stimulates exploratory browsing received the Best Paper Honorable Mention Award at ACM Creativity and Cognition 2015. Previously, I worked on BigSemanticsService, a RESTful interface to the Meta-Metadata web semantics. I also participated in the development of PhotoNav, a wearable computing investigation for assisting pedestrian navigation.

Prior to joining the Interface Ecology lab, I was working with Samsung Electronics, for a period of 4 years, at its India and S. Korea centers. My work there primarily was on Java Virtual Machine graphics layer and notebook apps. I completed my undergraduate degree in Information Technology from Delhi College of Engineering in 2007, where I developed a Print-to-Braille converter as a part of my final year project.


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