Dr. Andruid Kerne
Director, Interface Ecology Lab; Professor, Computer Science & Engineering

collaborating faculty

Dr. Jorge Vanegas, Dean, College of Architecture
Dr. Steven M. Smith, Professor, Psychology
Dr. Galen D. Newman, Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning
Dr. Jeremy Merril, Designer, April Philips Design Works
Dr. Bill Hamilton, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, New Mexico State University
Dr. Phoebe O. Toups Dugas, Associate Professor, Human-Centred Computing, Monash University

current advisees

No advisees while on assignment as program director at NSF.


Eunyee Koh, Ph.D., Computer Science, 2008
→ Principal Scientist, Adobe Research.
Jack Stenner, Ph.D., Architecture/Visualization, 2007
→ Associate Professor of Art + Technology - University of Florida.
Phoebe O. Toups Dugas, Ph.D., Computer Science, 2010
→ Associate Professor of Computer Science, Games & HCI specialty - New Mexico State University.
Andrew M. Webb, Ph.D., Computer Science, 2017
→ Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering - LSU
Bill Hamilton, Ph.D., Computer Science, 2018
→ Assistant Professor of Computer Science - New Mexico State University
Yin Qu, Ph.D., Computer Science, 2019
→ Software Engineer, Google
Rhema Linder, Ph.D., Computer Science, 2019
→ Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Nic Lupfer, Ph.D., Computer Science, 2020
→ Senior Full Stack Engineer, Mapware
Ajit Jain, Ph.D., Computer Science, 2021
→ Senior Engineer, Data Architecture & Research, Audigent

Mirko Mandic, M.S. Computer Science, 2004 → Facebook - Design Leadership, Business Messsaging
Jon Moeller, M.S. Student, Computer Engineering → UX Engineer, Google Project Aura
Shenfeng Fei, M.S., Computer Science, 2014 → Senior Software Engineer, Google
Matthew Carrasco, M.S., Computer Science, 2018
→ Computer Science Research and Development: Member Level, Sandia National Laboratories
Kade Keith, B.S., Computer Science, 2016 → Software Engineer III, Hatched Labs
Feiyu Yu, M.S., Computer Science, 2017 → Senior Software Engineer, LinkedIn
Hannah Fowler, B.A. in Computing and Philosophy
→ Program Manager II, Microsoft
Aaron Perrine, B.S. Computer Science
Alyssa Valdez Musil, B.S., Computer Science, 2017 → Web Developer, Flocknote

Hyun Choi, Ph.D., Psychology, 2005 → Korea National Rehabilitation Center, Head, Department of Motor and Cognitive Rehabilitation Research
J. Michael Mistrot, M.S. Visualization Sciences, 2003 → Co-founder / CTO, UME Academy
Abhinav Mathur, M.S. Computer Science, 2009 → Software Engineer, Adobe
Madhur Khandelwal, M.S. Computer Science, 2004 → Engineering Lead, Faceobok.
Nabeel Shahzad, M.S. Computer Science, 2011 → Senior Engineering Manager, Microsoft.
Blake Dworaczyk, M.Sc., Computer Science, 2014 → Senior Information Technology Professional I, Texas A&M University
Sarah Berry Cranston, B.S., Computer Engineering, 2007 → Associate Manager, User Interface, Accenture
Megan Schneider, B.S., Computer Science, 2006 → Principal Machine Learning Engineer, Textio.