bill hamilton
Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University, Computer Science
@bilhamil bilhamil

I am now an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at New Mexico State University. I am interested in live media, digital communties, hci in games, and designing/evaluating natural user interfaces.

In my work, I investigate how media impacts participation. I conduct qualitative investigations of existing media forms and communities to understand practices and emergent phenomena. I also design and build technology probes for investigating the impact of new media forms. I am particularly interested in investigating and supporting participation in the situated contexts of education, games, and activism.

My recent research is founded on my early ethnographic investigation of the Twitch video game live streaming platform and its constituent communities. In that work, I explored the motivations of participants, the affordances of live streaming media, and the emergent practices of streamers and viewers. This work has informed my subsequent research, which has explored how new live media forms can support participation in shared experiences. For example, in the Rivulet project, I designed a mobile streaming platform for participating in multi-stream live experiences using new communication modalities like hearts and push-to-talk audio. In my dissertation research, I co-designed LiveMâché, a cloud-based web application that implements a new media form that I call Collaborative Live Media Curation. LiveMâché enables participants to collaboratively collect, broadcast, and compose media to create participatory contexts for online learning activities.

In previous work, I investigated the use of NUIs in real-time strategy (RTS) eSports. Specifically, I designed interactions with pen + touch interactions for the Spring RTS engine. In this project, I investigated the composition a number of interaction approaches including direct-manipulation, in-context menus, and bi-manual interaction. The following video highlights some of these interactions:

Some of my other prior work has invovled the design of cross-surface interaction and games for teach team coordination .

Outside of the office, and sometimes in, I enjoy playing games. I also enjoy auto-restoration, backpacking/hiking, fishing, audio-books, and racquetball.


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