kade keith
B.S. Student, Computer Science
Kade Keith

I'm working on new ways to make sense of information on the web

I am currently an Junior at Texas A&M and have been a member of the Interface Ecology Lab since Spring 2014. I am fascinated by how computers can support the experiences that make us human. I develop interfaces that seek to enhance the way people create, connect, discover, and interact with information on the web.

My specific interests within HCI include: information visualization, network visualization, creativity support, and exploratory browsing.

I have two major projects in the EcologyLab. The first is the IdeaMACHE Extension which does client side metadata extraction from web pages as a part of the BigSemantics architecture. The second is Monadic Metadata Explorer, which I am creating for my undergraduate research thesis. It takes a monadic approach to network visualization to better help users navigate and comprehend large data sets.