hannah fowler
B.A. Student in Computing and Philosophy
hannah.fowler1217 tamu.edu

I am an undergraduate student at Texas A&M, seeking to double major in Computing and Philosophy. Since joining the lab in April 2016, I have worked on multiple projects — including pen+touch interaction, live media in MOOCs, and design curation in IdeaMâché and LiveMâché — particularly analyzing qualitative data.

While I have been in college, I have struggled to answer questions such as "What is your passion?" or "What are you truly interested in?". With time, I have come to realize that the world is full of phenomena, and being in the technical space with a philosophically driven mindset, there is much to be uncovered with a keen eye.

Alongside my work with the lab, to bring these two disciplines together, I am participating in Texas A&M's LAUNCH URS thesis program, for which I seek to articulate how UX/UI lends itself to redefining social virtues, using mediation theory as a framework to understand how UX/UI relates to its users and the moral implications that follow.

publications, presentations, and exhibitions

Webb, A. M., Fowler, H., Kerne, A., Newman, G., Kim, J.-H., Mackay, W. E. Interstices: Sustained Spatial Relationships between Hands and Surfaces Reveal Anticipated Action, Proc. of ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2019, Glasgow, UK.
Lupfer, N., Fowler, H., Valdez, A., Webb, A., Merrill, J., Newman, G., Kerne, A. Multiscale Design Strategies from a Landscape Architecture Classroom, Proc. ACM DIS 2018, 1081-1093 [25%]. https://doi.org/10.1145/3196709.3196812