jack stenner
Ph.D., TAMU Dept. of Architecture (Visualization Science), 2007.
Associate Professor, Art + Technology, University of Florida stenner

I am interested in the cross-disciplinary pollination of critical thought. How can artists use the tools of media and science to communicate a deeper understanding of our position in the world?

My research crosses boundaries by experimenting with video in a video game environment presented through the interface of an installation. I am interested in video games and their experimental use in the production of visual art. In this regard, my work focuses on the use of non-linear narrative rather than traditional storytelling. I view the video game as an opportunity for the delivery of ideas in a metaphorical and poetic sense rather than solely as a continuation of cinematic tradition. The video game also provides an opportunity to study the human-computer interface and its impact on the development of aesthetic experience. How can we design interfaces that encourage, or at least don’t thwart, critical reflection on behalf of the viewer? To this end, I have been working with the idea of the video game combined with installation, attempting to identify forms of interaction that deepen both audience and participant immersion within the environment.

These are some of the questions that make digital art, video game technology and installation challenging and interesting to me, artistically and academically. I believe that further experimentation and development of these technologies will benefit us all as we attempt to understand our relationship to each other and machines.