shenfeng fei
M.S., Computer Science, 2014.
Software Engineer, Google.
Shenfeng Fei

My current interests are trans-surface interaction techniques for information exchange between mobile devices and a tabletop. I created NFC Tag Array technique to associate mobile devices on positions around a tabletop via simple touching interaction. I built Android application to support collecting rich information from the web and sharing to the tabletop using embodied trans-surface interaction. I built trans-surface portals to support collocated collaboration with mobile devices and tabletop.


Fei, S., Webb, A.M., Kerne, A., Qu, Y., and Jain, A., Peripheral Array of Tangible NFC Tags: Positioning Portals for Embodied Trans-Surface Interaction, Proc. Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces 2013, St Andrews, UK, Oct 2013.