oodss guide

The Object-Oriented Distributed Semantic Services (OODSS) framework supports object-oriented design of distributed applications. OODSS integrates message specification with algorithms that provide services, supporting data abstraction. Services provided by application components are encapsulated by translation scopes that are integrated with, not separated from, the programming languages of software development. Dynamic dispatch of overridden methods in polymorphic message class instances facilitate engineering complex flows of control between distributed application components. Flexibility in message representation and network transport is promoted.

OODSS supports cross-platform communication, and currently supports Java and Objective-C (Mac OS X and iOS). Developers may mix and match these languages to develop distributed applications.

OODSS is built on S.IM.PL serialization. If you are unfamiliar with S.IM.PL serialization, we recommend that you complete the tutorials first, to understand how messages are auto-magically de/serialized, then passed through network sockets.

Toups Dugas, P. O., Kerne, A., Webb, A., A Lightweight Object-Oriented Distributed Services Framework for Engineering Interactive Applications, Interface Ecology Lab Technical Report 10-01