s.im.pl guide:
svn repository

Access to s.imp.pl code is provided by anonymous access to our SVN repository (user: anonymous, password: anonymous). The code is broken down into several projects. Which ones you need depend on what you are doing. The source code for these projects are provided under the LGPL V3 license, included with each project.


The ecologylabFundamental project includes the code for s.im.pl serialization and OODSS. This project is required for Meta-Metadata.

The ecologylabSemantics project provides the basic code for the Meta-Metadata language and architecture.

The simplTutorials project provides code for the tutorials in the simpl serialization guide.

The simplTranslators project provides code for cross-platform class translators. simplTutorials project depends upon this project.

The ecologylabGeneratedSemantics project provides Java classes generated from a Meta-Metadata repository XML file of information source template definitions. Ultimately, you may want to use the Meta-Metadata compiler to generate your own version of this, but to start you will probably want this one.

The ecologylabSemanticsExample project includes the tutorial code for Meta-Metadata applications developers. It depends on all of the projects above, so if you want to run it, pull all of them into your Eclipse environment.

Cyberneko is used in s.im.pl serialization to parse HTML DOMs into java objects.

ecologylabSemanticsCyberneko holds wrapper classes for the Cyberneko HTML DOM parser.

The ecologylabImageAwt project is used for collecting and parsing images.

The ecologylabImageAwtTest project is used to test image collecting and parsing.

The metadataExtractor project is used to extract metadata information from images.

The multivalent project is used to extract metadata from document files (such as pdf files).

c# dot net

The ecologylabFundamental.NET project includes the code for s.im.pl serialization in C# with examples, as a Visual Studio Solution.

The ecologylabSemantics.NET project provides the basic code for the meta-metadata framework and architecture in C# as a Visual Studio Solution.