get a job doing what you want!

make life fun
So you've done some great work on some really cool projects. Awesome! What's that you say? You're hoping to keep doing this as a hobby? What??? No way. Get a job doing what you really like doing!
the bottom line
You're going to be spending lots of time doing a job. It better be interesting. To you. Otherwise, its going to be a drag.
A job is something you are going to be doing for a long time. Each job you take is a step to the next one. Make sure your steps are going in the right direction. For you!
Believe in yourself. Don't settle for a job that's safe and boring.
Go outside the lines, beyond the job fair, beyond Be strategic. Be creative.
Here are some tips.
  1. Develop really cool projects now, as part of your education. Make them cool to you. Build stuff you like. Develop cutting edge skills. In the right parts of the job market, these are really strategic.
  2. Assemble your cool projects into a web-based portfolio. Show off! HTML5 is extremely powerful and portable. It is a preferred platform for maximum distribution on your portfolio. iPhone, iPad, Android apps are also nice. Windows and Mac applications can also work.
  3. Shoot and edit powerful video of your work. Post the video to YouTube. Push people to watch.
  4. In your resume, give more detail on the things you've done that you want to do in the future. All resumes must be edited tightly. You control where the focus is.
  5. To identify target companies, read the news feeds of tech blogs and the tech part of the financial section every day. You've been doing hot, cutting edge work. Look for companies that are doing this kind of work, too. They need you!
    Here are some example news feeds: Find the companies in the right businesses. Go to their web sites. Find their jobs listings. Pursue.
  6. Most of these companies are in Silicon Valley or New York, or who knows where. Be open to moving wherever the best opportunity is for you. Best does not mean the most money in the short term. It means the most interesting FOR YOU.
  7. Be persistent! Believe in the value of what you like to do.