common resources

html + css

HTML Tutorial, W3Schools.
CSS Tutorial, W3Schools.
Javascript Tutorial, W3Schools.
HTML & CSS, Codecademy.
Introduction to Document Object Model (DOM)
Jonathan Robie, What is the Document Object Model?, W3C REC-DOM-Level-1.
DevTips, HTML5 Basics - The DOM [video].
DevTips, HTML5 Basics - Tags [video]
More CSS
Learn CSS Layout, LearnLayout.

javascript + animation

Javascript Basics
Make an Interactive Website, Codecademy.
JS Objects
Richard Bovell, Javascript Objects in Detail, Javascript.isSexy.
JS Variables
Richard Bovell, JavaScript Variable Scope and Hoisting Explained, Javascript.isSexy.
JSON Tutorial, W3Schools.
CSS3 Animations, W3Schools.
CSS3 Examples
John Galantini, Aaron Kitney and the Creative Bloq staff, 22 stunning examples of CSS3 animation, Creative Bloq.

event handling + cookies

Event Handling
Introduction to Events, QuirksMode.
Understanding "event handlers" in JavaScript, Javascript Kit.
HTML5 Web Storage
HTML5 Local Storage, W3Schools.
HTML5 Features - Storage, HTML5 Rocks.
HTML5 Canvas
HTML5 Canvas, W3Schools.

web semantics

Andruid Kerne, Yin Qu, Andrew M. Webb, Sashikanth Damaraju, Nic Lupfer, and Abhinav Mathur, Meta-Metadata: A Metadata Semantics Language for Collection Representation Applications, Proc ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, 2010, 1129-1138.
Yin Qu, Andruid Kerne, Nic Lupfer, Rhema Linder, and Ajit Jain, Metadata Type System: Integrate Presentation, Data Models and Extraction to Enable Exploratory Browsing Interfaces, Proc ACM Engineering Interactive Computing Systems, 2014, 107-116.
Ajit Jain, Nic Lupfer, Yin Qu, Rhema Linder, Andruid Kerne, and Steven M. Smith, Evaluating TweetBubble with Ideation Metrics of Exploratory Browsing, Proc ACM Creativity and Cognition, 2015, 178-187.
Interface Ecology Lab, BigSemantics.


Kurt Bollacker, Colin Evans, Praveen Paritosh, Tim Sturge, and Jamie Taylor, Freebase: a collaboratively created graph database for structuring human knowledge, Proc SIGMOD international conference on Management of data, 2008, 1247-1250.
Jason Ronallo HTML5 Microdata and Schema. org, Code4Lib Journal, 16, 2012.