student projects [fall 2010]

SCRAP (Solitare in Competitive Rapid Asnychronous Play)

SCRAP is a new and original spin on the classic game of Solitaire, trading slow and solo gameplay for fast-paced multiplayer action. SCRAP is a card game played on iPad and iPhone devices supporting wireless connectivity for 2-4 players. Each player has their own personal space and shares a public arena from and to which cards are moved.


Ameoboshare is a multi-touch photo organization tool allowing people to effectively manage their photos, create albums on various online photo sharing services, and manage metadata among the albums from a simple, touch-based interface.


Smite is a real-time strategy game implemented using iPhones and an iPad. The iPhone players battle each other attempting to win the favor of "God", the player using the iPad. The iPad acts as a shared battleground for the iPhone players, as well as an interface for the "God" player to exert control over the field of play.

student projects [spring 2010]

Multimodal Rummy: Designing Multimodal Games

Multimodal interaction in game design enables creating games with rich human-human interaction. The use of multiple modalities affords the performance of private and public game mechanics. Face-to-face communication in co-located play allows players to actively engage in natural impression management and social interaction. In Multimodal Rummy, private and public displays present different elements of the state of play to each player.

TwitterFlock: Visualizing Relationships in Social Networks

The TwitterFlock visualization is designed to help users make sense of the explosion of social network micro-blogging information. The amount of content contained within social networks is exploding. The Twitter interface provides little means for finding relationships among users and posts. TwitterFlock enables intuitive manipulation of world of Twitter feeds by forming and dissipating bird-like representations of related tweet subsets.

Rake: Multi-Touch Information Interaction

We have created two novel interaction techniques, rake and sift, to advance the new world of multi-touch interaction with information collections. Information semantics augment multi-touch interaction. A user study showed that rake is both helpful and intuitive. We explore how these interaction models can benefit the design of present and future touch applications.

GeoBattle: Seamful Social Interaction with Location-Based Gameplay

GeoBattle uses seamful gameplay on the Apple iPhone to create implicit social connections between players and encourage increased physical activity. The game system seeks to combine long-term casual play with meaningful spontaneous real-time interaction. We explain the game mechanics, and discuss the "thin" mobile client architecture. Vastly different gameplay speeds contribute an immersive experience. Cooperative and competitive social interactions result.

Crescendo: A Collaborate Musical Experience

Growing trends suggest that younger generations place more value on new technologies than on traditional forms of fine arts, such as playing a musical instrument. These new technologies have can be harnessed to aid in traditional forms of education. Crescendo, a multimodal game system for musical collaboration through interactive game play, encouraging collaboration and competition between players. We focus on key elements of player interaction to realize the goal of enhancing musical education.

Professor Andruid Kerne and The Interface Ecology Lab