project areas
Your professor has been working intensely with members of the Interface Ecology Lab to develop a set of five exciting research project areas. The project areas are based on contemporary research in human-centered interactive systems. They are closely related to the lab's research funding from the National Science Foundation. All five areas involve cutting edge technologies, such as multitouch displays, and iPhones, which are playing key roles in the transformation of information age society.
The project areas have the potential to develop new research contributions. The project area specifications present you with a modality of interaction, and a concept for what to do with it. From here, we give you great creative space to formulate your own problems to solve and research plan.
The class will divide into 5 project teams, each consisting of 5 students. Each team will work on one of these projects. The association of teams with projects will be based on a round of competitive bidding, based on succinct project proposals.
A graduate student mentor is associated with each project. The mentors have initiated the projects, which are closely connected to their own research. The mentor will be involved, along with your professor and the TA, in providing feedback and evaluating deliverables in the project cycle. If your project reaches the level of publishable research, it is expected that, along with your professor, your project's mentor will be listed as an author on the publication. The order of authors will depend on the level of work that each participant contributes. If you look at the Interface Ecology Lab home page, you can see that student researchers are usually listed before professors in publications.