student projects [fall 2010]

SCRAP (Solitaire in Competitive Rapid Asynchronous Play)

SCRAP is a new and original spin on the classic game of Solitaire, trading slow and solo gameplay for fast-paced multiplayer action. SCRAP is a card game played on iPad and iPhone devices supporting wireless connectivity for 2-4 players. Each player has their own personal space and shares a public arena from and to which cards are moved.


Ameoboshare is a multi-touch photo organization tool allowing people to effectively manage their photos, create albums on various online photo sharing services, and manage metadata among the albums from a simple, touch-based interface.

student projects [spring 2010]

Multimodal Rummy: Designing Multimodal Games

Multimodal interaction in game design enables creating games with rich human-human interaction. The use of multiple modalities affords the performance of private and public game mechanics. Face-to-face communication in co-located play allows players to actively engage in natural impression management and social interaction. In Multimodal Rummy, private and public displays present different elements of the state of play to each player.

Professor Andruid Kerne and The Interface Ecology Lab