home page

Please create a course home page, where you will post some of your work.


15%class participation
10%presentations on readings


The course is project-oriented. In general, most projects will be performed by teams. While specifications for levels of functionality will be provided, there will be plenty of room for you to develop your own ideas. In most cases, students developing theses will have the opportunity to integrate that work with the course.

class participation

Diecsussion is a very important part of class. We all need to learn from each other. Attending class is necessary, but not sufficient. Participation is an active process.

presentations on readings

A set of readings will be assigned for each class. We will take turns making presentations on the readings. When you present, you will responsible for facilitating the interaction of the class. Stimulating discussion is at least as important as presenting information. Bringing in relevant media examples will be an important part of the process.

source code & programming style

Some work may involve substantial coding; in these cases, both the interactive product, and the source code count. These programs need to work. User experience is important. So is the structure of your code. (Good structure will turn out to be reusable across assignments.) We may not grade the source code for every assignment, but we also may, at any time. We will always check out your interactive work.

Good object oriented design is a matter of creating structure which makes code easy to understand and maintain. Writing easy-to-read, well-structured code counts. Create reusable components for yourself, and your peers. Whitespace, naming, modularity and documentation are keys.

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