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Max is an extensible visual progrmming environment for combining and processing signals. These signals can include MIDI, TCP/IP streams, and control voltages, as well as audio and video.

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Links to all the the Max/MSP documentation.


MSP is a suite of audio signal processing extensions to MAX.

MSP Reference

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Norm Jaffe's Max Objects, including tcpClient, tcpServer, tcpMultiServer, and stuff to interface various sensory devices.

Tristan Jehan's Max/MSP externals. Includes a couple of pitch followers, a beat tracker, and some other cool dsp stuff.



Jitter is a suite of video and graphics objects for MAX. It includes components that utilize and make accessible QuickTime and OpenGL. Effects including keying/compositing, and filtering/convolution.

Jitter Manual

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Jitter SDK


Cyclops is a Max plugin that employs computer vision algorithms to provide video tracking capabilities. It has been used to track people who enter an installation space, as well as dancers and other performers.

Cyclops documentation

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