Readings will be drawn from the conceptual, visual and performing arts, as well as from digital libraries, human computer interaction and cognitive psychology research. (The schedule below is tentative, and may be adjusted periodically.)

1/20 recombinant information

Kerne, A., Sundaram, V., A Recombinant Information Space, Proc Computational Semiotics in Games and New Media (CoSIGN) 2003, 48-57.

Kerne, A., Mistrot, J.M., Khandelwal, M.,Sundaram, V., Koh, E., Using Composition to Re-Present Personal Collections of Hypersigns, Proc Computational Semiotics in Games and New Media (CoSIGN) 2004.

Kerne, A., The Conceptual Space of Collage, from CollageMachine to Interface Ecology and Back. Cultronix 05. CMU, Pittsburgh. December 2001.

Interface Ecology Lab, combinFormation,, 2005.

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1/27 surrogates and signs

Burke, M., Organization of Multimedia Resources, pp. 27-39, 47-58, 139-46 (visual surrogates), 179 (audio surrogates)

Barthes, R., Mythologies, pp. 109 - 131.

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2/3   audio composition | remix

DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid, Rhythm science, 28-36, 68-89, electronic reserve.

DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid, flip mode

Steve Reich, "Come Out", "Its gonna rain", in Early Works, M3.1.R45 E37 1987.

David Toop, Black Night and the Whooping Sounds of Alarm -- Interview with Bill Laswell, in Exotica, L197 .T662 1999, electronic reserve, 175-183.

Ken Ishii, "Come out : remix", on Reich Remixed, M1473.R45 R46 1999.

DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid, "City life : open circuit", on Reich Remixed, M1473.R45 R46 1999.

2/10 video editing practicum

Mamer, Bruce, from Digital editing with Final Cut Pro 4, electronic reserve, vii-xi, 59-128.

Harrington, Richard Michael, from Final Cut Pro 4 on the Spot, electronic reserve, 6-7, 52-63, 82-127, 148-154.

Tina Hirsch ... [et al.], from Transitions : voices on the craft of digital editing, electronic reserve, 21-74.

2/15 montage and theories of editing

Eisenstein, S., from The Film Sense, electronic reserve, 3-18, 30-48, 63-87, 172-216.

Trinh T. Minh-ha, from Framer Framed, electronic reserve, 5-105, 111-133, 137-148.

Dancyger, Ken, from The technique of film and video editing : history, theory, and practice , electronic reserve, vii-ix,97-109, 184-213, 338-370, 388-396.

2/17 more on composition

John Cage, from Silence, electronic reserve, Indeterminacy (260-273), The Future of Music: Credo (3-6).

3/3 interactive art|installation

Viola, Bill, from Reasons for Knocking at an Empty House, electronic reserve, 30-59, 97-120, 73-86 (in this order of priority).

Kruger, Myron, Responsive Environments, in Wardrip-Fruin and Montford The New Media Reader, electronic reserve, 377-389.

David Rokeby, Very Nervous System. David Rokeby, Installations.

Jeremijenko, Natalie. Database Politics and Social Simulations, 1997.

Scott Snibbe, Motion Phone, Boundary Functions (1998), You are Here (2004), Blow Up.

3/8 Eadweard Muybridge - Animal Locomotion

Animal Locomotion Plate 49 "Walking and turning around rapidly with a satchel in one hand, a cane in the other," Collotype, 1887.

Animal Locomotion Plate 455, "Throwing self on heap of hay," Collotype, 1887.

Animal Locomotion Plate 160 "Jumping: running broad jump," Collotype, 1887.

Michelle Anne Delaney, Freeze Frame: Eadweard Muybridge's Photography of Motion, Smithsonian.

Muybridge Gallery, UC Riverside

Another Gallery of Muybridge Human Motion Studies

3/10 information discovery

Kerne, A., Smith, S.M., The Information Discovery Framework, Proc ACM Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2004, 357-360.

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3/22 experiments: qualitative, geneplore, fixation, incubation

Höök, K., Sengers, P., Andersson, G., Designing design: Sense and sensibility: evaluation and interactive art

Finke, R., Ward, T., Smith, S., Creative Cognition, Chapter 2

Smith, S.M., Getting Into and Out of Mental Ruts: A theory of Fixation, Incubation, and Insight, in Sternberg, R J., Davidson, J., The Nature of Insight, Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, 1994, 121-149.

3/29 experiments: flow, divergent design

Shah, J.J., Smith, S.M., Vargas-Hernandez, N. (2002)
Metrics for Measuring Ideation Effectiveness, Design Studies, 24:2, 111-134.

Csikszentmihalyi, M., and Csikszentmihalyi, I.S., Optimal Experience: Psychological Studies of Flow in Consciousness, Cambridge University Press, 1988. to be passed out in class, pp 15-35, 251-287

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