media | performance
The Economic Survival Rite of Passage is a performance ecology—conceptualized, composed, written, and directed by Andruid Kerne—for 12 musicians, 4 actors, and 4 dancers.
Coded Messages: CHAINS was a site-specific performance ecology created by master drummer Francis Kofi, Andruid Kerne, Mel Lang, and an ensemble of Ghanaian dancers and drummers for the Pan-African Theater Festival (PANAFEST) in 1994.
Playas: Homeland Mirage is an interactive installation situated in a faux living room, with overstuffed chair and game console. The game, built with the Torque game engine, looks like a first-person shooter. The player is left to ironicially figure out that, unlike the characters, they have no guns.
Stenner, J., Kerne, A., Williams, Y., Playas: Homeland Mirage, Proc ACM Multimedia 2005, 1057-1058.
Additional sound work variously composed, field recorded, and post-produced by Andruid Kerne.
© Copyright by Andruid Kerne.