live media

Live streaming is an emerging form of social media, which is fostering unique participatory online experiences through combination of live media forms. We have observed that live streams for videogames on, through the unique participatory experiences they afford, often serve as online places supporting the formation of online communities.

In this research, we are working to build further understanding of contexts in which live streaming enables shared community formation and experiences. As part of this, we are working to design and develop new tools to support expressive and participatory live media experiences. Specifically, we are working to integrate our research on information composition and live media to design a composition environment to support collaborative live media places.

Our research on live media places will be situated in online education contexts. While MOOCs (edX, Coursera, Udacity) expanded online education's reach and scale, they struggle to engender participatory learning. Through iterative design of new live media composition tools, we are working to help online students and instructors create engaging online places for participatory learning experiences.


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