s.im.pl serialization

Here we provide a series of tutorials which will get you started with S.IM.PL Serialization. S.IM.PL Serialization supports cross platform code generation, from Java to C# and Objective C. This means that we have also released an Objective-C version of S.IM.PL Serialization. To make the transition from Java to Objective-C as smooth as possible, the Java version of S.IM.PL Serialization supports generation of Objective-C header files right from Java source code.

Each of the following tutorials will guide you through a sample code which is also included in the S.IM.PL Serialization repository. We demonstrate the core functionality of S.IM.PL Serialization through this sample code. By simply following the examples you will gain hands-on experience and understanding of this library.



c# sharp dot net

polymorphic javascript